Car service worker applying ceramic coating on a car

Can You Put Ceramic Coating On Vinyl Wrap

If you’re a car enthusiast or have recently invested in a vinyl wrap for your vehicle, you may be wondering if adding a ceramic coating is possible, or perhaps even necessary. Vinyl wraps have become increasingly popular among car owners to change their vehicles’ appearance without committing to a permanent paint job.

However, protecting the vinyl wrap from the elements and maintaining its glossy finish can be challenging. Ceramic coatings are ideal in protecting car paint from scratches, UV rays, and contaminants, but can they be applied to vinyl wraps?

This article will explore whether this can be used on a vinyl wrapped vehicle. If you’re curious about how to keep your car looking its best, keep reading!


Man applies ceramic protective coating to the car.


What is Ceramic Coating?

This type of coating is a liquid polymer applied to the exterior of a vehicle to create a layer of safety against external damage. Unlike vinyl wrapping, ceramic coat chemically bonds with the vehicles’ factory clear coat creating a strong hydrophobic protection layer.

This layer can be up to five times thicker than traditional wax, providing superior defense from dirt, debris, brine, and the sun’s harmful rays allowing the paint to stay looking sharper longer.

How to Apply Ceramic Coatings on Vinyl Wraps

Proper preparation to apply this coating to your vehicle’s vinyl wrap is vital. While this may sound like a lot of work, it’s actually fairly simple.

Select the Best Coatings

With so many products, it helps to do your research. Read reviews from other vehicle owners who have used the same wrap product that you’re considering. Whether a matte wrap or glass vinyl wrap, ask questions about their experience with long-term durability and gloss retention to make an informed choice.

Look for Defected Wrap Surface

Before applying the coating, check for defects on your vehicle’s surface – such as stains from grime or dirt, road salt, rock chips or debris. Clean with a mild detergent solution applied with a sponge, followed by a thorough rinse with water.

Clean and De-grease

Once cleaned and dried, use an auto degreaser to clean the vinyl wrap. Be thorough; any grease, polish residue, or oil left behind may prevent the ceramic coating vinyl from adhering properly later.


Ceramic coating on a sports car


Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

These coatings have gained popularity in the market due to their numerous advantages. Here are just a few:

Protection Against UV Damage and Water

Excessive exposure to UV radiation, snow and rain are some of the biggest enemies to every paint job, but these coating films can help protect your vehicles against these elements. These unique coatings create a strong barrier over the car’s exterior, protecting against the sun’s damaging rays, and several other environmental factors.

Protect Car from Chemicals

Not only do they create incredible visual results, but in most cases, the ceramic-coated adhesive film also acts as a protective shield. Professional ceramic coating protects against most chemicals your vehicle might come in contact with, like road salt, exhaust pollutants, and other corrosive materials that can destroy your paint.

Easy to Wash

Every coating’s smooth surface will significantly simplify the washing process. No need to scrape the car or truck (which harms the wrap). A little water spray every few weeks will make your ride look new.

Contaminant Repellant

Mud and filth won’t build up on the surface, but will slide off. With ceramic coating, the frequency of routine maintenance is decreased. It repels contaminants like tree sap, bug splatters, bird droppings, and road grime from adhering to the surface of your vehicle, whether or not it has a vinyl wrap.

Wrap It Up!

Applying ceramic coating on vinyl wrap can be beneficial, but it’s noteworthy to research and decide the best material to ensure maximum preservation of any outer graphics and the overall appearance of your car or truck. Following the steps and selecting the right coating ensures your car wrap is well protected. With diligent preparation, you can enjoy the best results from the ceramic coating on your automobile wrap.