Color changing car wrap

What Is Color Shift Vinyl Wrap?

A color shift wrap, also dubbed a Chameleon, is made up of numerous layers of vinyl with a variety of colors at different angles. Depending on the angle at which the light strikes these films, it will produce a new hue or an iridescent appearance, which makes your vehicle stand out even while parked.

More people are opting for a color change vinyl wrap when modifying the look of a vehicle because this style can actually shift colors.


Features Of Color Shift Vinyl Wraps


Key Features Of Color Shift Vinyl Wraps

Although a color-shifting vinyl wrap is more difficult to customize than a standard one, it is becoming one of the coolest style options for advertising on cars, trucks and vans. To achieve the perfect, smooth change of color, you must first grasp its unique qualities.

Color shift wraps use a thicker film design than a regular car filter. This increases their durability and reduces the tendency to rip or tear. Also, since it’s thicker, it will require more heat during installation.

Chameleons have various types, shapes, and finishes. In addition to the glossy series, the graphics may be improved with a sort of gradients, chrome metallic, satin, matte, and ash. They can also be applied to almost any vehicle’s hood. They may be divided into two groups: metallic and iridescent.

Iridescent wraps provide a constantly shifting rainbow of colors, while metallic wraps produce a more subtle effect by changing color depending on how the light strikes them.

Keep In Mind Before Choosing Color Shift Vinyl Wrap

  1. Schedule a date or appointment with a local vehicle wraps company to discuss the ideal wrap for you, and its feasibility.
  2. Before wrapping, wash the car thoroughly. Make sure the surface of the vehicle is free from dirt and dust.
  3. A clean environment is vital in performing the installation.
  4. Wraps will not conceal rust, bumps, dents, paint chips, or other imperfections that cannot be removed.

Should You Always Use A Heat Gun For Car Wraps?

Because color-shift wrapping comes in gloss and matte finishes, you should apply heat differently. Use heat guns or propane torches to wrap anything with a high gloss finish. On the other hand, if it has a matte finish, you should only use heat guns.


Color Shift Wrap VS. Paint


Color Shift Wrap VS. Paint

A huge difference between the two is that paint is permanent, while you can still remove a vinyl wrap if needed. A wrap is also easy to maintain and doesn’t require wax, so it can last between two and ten years depending on the color and placement of the decals.

Custom-fit decals are applied to certain areas of the vehicle to change how it looks. The decals don’t affect the vehicle paint and may be removed to return it to its original color.

When deciding between painting and wrapping, price is a big factor. A high-quality matte or gloss film wrap is only a fraction of the charge of a new paint job. Car paint jobs range from $500 to $5,000, while vinyl wraps may cost $2,500 to $5,000.

Are Color-changing Vehicle Wraps Worth The Investment?

Although a car wrap is a bit more pricey than most vinyl films, its appearance is breathtaking. Surely, people will notice your ride. This change is definitely worth considering if you want your car to stand out like those one-of-a-kind, high-value vehicles in town.

But of course, it’s up to you to choose. Owning a car is already something to be proud of. The only way to determine whether this wrap style suits your vehicle is to sort through all pictures, pins and samples on the internet to see what fits your taste.