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Are Car Wraps Worth It

Car wraps are one of the latest trends in automotive design and advertising, costing customers between $1,500 and $2,600. They can be applied to automobiles for a variety of purposes, from protecting a car’s factory paint job surface to showing off a company’s logo in public places. So, are vinyl wraps worth it? Find out by reading this post.

Is Vinyl Wrapping Better Than A Good Paint Job?

One of the biggest reasons a lot of businesses opt for a wrapped car is because they think it’s cheaper than painting the car or dealing with paint damage. This may be true, but keep in mind that a new paint job is much more cost effective in the long run.

A vinyl wrap is often affordable, but they can get damaged easily, especially in a hot climate. This means you might need to replace them every three years on average. Plus you can’t take a wrapped vehicle to automatic car washes.

New paint jobs are expensive, but they will last for years until getting damaged by scratches and other external factors.

On the other hand, a higher quality paint job can potentially last the entire life cycle of your vehicle. However, there are some things you need to consider before deciding whether to cover up a bad paint job or get a vinyl wrap.

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How Is Wrapping Applied?

You can get a wrap applied to your vehicle in several ways. Some people go for roll over wraps, while others go for wrap-around or a full vehicle wrap.  As for finishing options, there are plenty. Your choices include vinyl decals, carbon fiber as well as matte or satin finish vehicle wraps.

Application Methods

Now comes the fun part. You can get a good car cover and apply it yourself if you want to save some money. However, DIY car wrapping is not recommended by many installers and you may just end up messing up the existing paint underneath.

The fact that application requires special equipment like a heat gun and soft microfiber towels may be another reason why you’re better off leaving the job to pros. Just bear in mind that how you choose to get your car wrapped can affect how long it will last, which may come into play if you’re thinking about resale value.

It may even drastically change your vehicle’s appearance or exterior depending on the wrap job and materials used.

The Benefits Of A Car Wrap

Aside from the lower cost, there are plenty of other benefits that you can get from a car wrap. For instance, wraps offer a protective layer on your original paint job from fading and provides a new car look. This is especially true if you get a clear bra done on your vehicle. You can also get a wrap that’s UV resistant and weather proof to protect your old paint job for a longer period of time.

Wrap services today are also available in a variety of styles and finishes such as:

  • matte finishes
  • camouflage print
  • chrome like finish
  • metallic finishes
  • graphics
  • full wrap
  • same look

Precision Sign And Design: Your Car Wrap Experts In Tulsa

You shouldn’t just trust anyone to handle your vehicle. It’s important to work with professionals like Precision Sign and Design who have been doing it for years. Our car wrapping expertise has led us to wrap thousands of vehicles over the years. Reach out to us with your contact information to get a free price estimate today.