Removing old vinyl wrap

How To Remove An Old Cracked Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wraps offer an easy and cost-efficient advertising strategy for a business. These days, the use of full wraps seems to be getting more popular because they’re more noticeable and catchy than billboards.

With vinyl wraps, you can customize the design, choose graphics, and add complicated patterns making your car stand out. The problem is that these vinyl wraps are not permanent. At some point, an old vinyl wrap, or vehicle graphics will need to be removed in due time to prevent further damage to the vehicles.

Old vynil wrap

When Should I Remove Vehicle Wraps?

High-quality vinyl lasts for many years depending on how they are cleaned and maintained. Factors including sun, wind, and temperature can affect its lifespan. Inspect and replace the wrap when the vinyl begins to come loose or show any of these signs of deterioration:

  • Peeling which usually starts at the edge
  • Ugly hairline cracking on the hood
  • Faded and muted wrap colors

If you see any of these conditions, then it’s time for vinyl removal. Failure to remove the wrap can cause bigger problems such as damage to the car’s paint.

Removal of Vehicle Wrap

Removing vinyl wraps can be complicated and time-consuming. Using some elbow grease, and a few proper tools, you can refer to some step-by-step guides to get the job done!

Vinyl Wrap Removal Tools

Heat Gun or Blowtorch

Heated vinyl graphics are more pliable. It also softens the adhesive for easy removal. Be sure not to use it near plastic pieces or glass window to avoid damaging the car.

Residue or Adhesive Removers

Scrape off the remaining adhesives for a cleaner work surface. If the adhesive remover is not available, adhesive solvent material or citrus-based cleaners can be used.

Plastic Razor

This will properly remove and peel off old vinyl graphics without causing any damage to the paint.

Removing old wrap guide

Step By Step Guide to Remove Vinyl Wrap

#1 Heat the surface with a heat gun or blowtorch.

Once the setting is achieved, move the torch back and forth. Avoid staying in one area to prevent too much heating of the vinyl. If you notice a char or bubble, turn off the heat right away. Parking the car directly under the hot sun is another option in removing vinyl graphics if the torch is not available.

#2 Start peeling off the vinyl.

Gently lift the decals starting on the edges for a more efficient method. Once pliable, use the razor to slowly pull off the vinyl. Then, with even pressure, keep one edge at a 45° angle for easier pulling. Some sheets may come out one piece while others are not. Work in small areas to avoid being overwhelmed since the process can take hours.

#3 Remove the remaining adhesives.

Remove graphics vinyl one area at a time. Apply the residue remover carefully to clean away the excess adhesives left in the car. Be sure to wipe the wet area using a clean microfiber cloth until all the remaining adhesives are removed. Avoid using abrasive materials and cleaners that can damage your paint and requires a new paint job.

#4 Give your vehicle a good wash!

Hire Precision Sign & Designs

Hire A Professional

After reading the steps in removing vehicle wraps, you might be a little overwhelmed. Other than purchasing tools, it seems to be a labor-intensive, risky, and even frustrating process. Instead of stressing yourself, let a well-trained and well-equipped professional do the work for you.

At Precision Sign and Design, we will efficiently and quickly remove vehicle graphics or your old wrap and have it ready for a new wrap installation.