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Vehicle Wraps In Tulsa

The Precision Sign & Design team are experts in vehicle wraps and custom graphics in Tulsa, OK. We can wrap any size truck, bus, or car and have the experience and knowledge of what works best to make your business stand out. In the past few years, vehicle wraps and graphics have become an essential part of marketing campaigns with many businesses relying on them heavily to get their company name and brand recognized in this competitive environment.

Car Wraps

Specializing In Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Services
And Car Wraps In Tulsa, OK

The Precision Sign & Design team is a top Tulsa vehicle wraps and vinyl graphics specialist for many businesses and individuals who either want to advertise their establishment or pimp their ride without a paint job. We have created some very memorable car wraps and truck wraps in the Tulsa, OK area. Some of the most popular ones have showcased business logos, names, contact info, product names, landmarks including prominent buildings in the area, product information or any other customized design you can think of.

Why You Should Get A Vehicle Wrap From Us In Tulsa, OK

A vehicle wrap will change the color and appearance of your car, truck, trailer or boat for a fraction of the cost of a paint job. If your vehicle is currently in need of a makeover and you don’t want to spend $1,000s on a paint job, then vehicle wrapping is the answer. We can fabricate a full wrap which wraps completely over the car or truck that provides more protection from dings and scratches than just simple graphics.

Full Wrap

A full vehicle wrap completely covers the front, sides, top, and back of the car with graphics. A full vehicle wrap is more expensive than just doing half wraps or side wraps but offers more protection.

Half Wrap

A half vehicle wrap does not cover the top or back of a car. Half wraps are popular for trucks and SUV’s because they offer easier access to the interior of the vehicle.

Side Wraps

A side wrap only covers one side of a truck, car or SUV. The vehicle’s doors must be wider than 5 feet in order to do a full side wrap as opposed to just doing a door wrap which is more common. Side wraps are frequently used in conjunction with the back and front of the vehicle.

Door Wraps

A door wrap is a decal that completely covers just the door or doors of a vehicle. Door wraps are great for businesses that need to advertise but want to keep it simple and clean as opposed to getting a full vehicle wrap.

Popular Materials We Use For Vehicle Wraps

We use high quality outdoor vinyl wrap used in commercial applications on cars, trucks, boats and trailers. We also use Acrylic Canvas material for side and back wraps. Hi-Visibility Reflective Material is used for rear truck wraps and door wraps.

Your Complete Source for Custom Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Vehicle Wraps can be placed on just about any type of vehicle imaginable. They look great on cars, trucks, boats, SUV’s, Buses, Trailers and even Limousines. We have the capability to do large vehicle wraps up to 40 feet long and 10 feet tall. There is no limit as to what size or shape we can create a vehicle wrap for you. We work with your design team or ours to create custom graphics and a quality vehicle wrap that fits your needs and budget.

Our services handle everything from graphics for your business, installation to creating a custom on brand vinyl wrap. We make sure that our business operates in service of our customers to help you get an awesome custom look today.

We cover:

  • Graphic, logo, color and design change
  • Custom graphics
  • Professional installation
  • Highly vivid and long-lasting color designs you won’t get anywhere else
  • A strong dedication to our work and passion for what we do