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What To Consider Before Hiring A Sign Company Tulsa, Oklahoma

Before you begin looking for a sign company, first determine what type of signs you need. Depending on the size and placement of the material, you may need different resources. For instance, a signage business will specialize in interior signs while an outdoor sign team specializes in installing exterior signs like banners.

Let’s be honest, there are many options in Tulsa for sign companies. However, if you’re not careful, you could be left with a situation that will leave you feeling as though they are only out to make quick cash off of you. Before you hire a sign company in Tulsa, be sure to follow these steps.

What is the purpose of this sign?

What is the purpose of your new sign project? Is it for new customers to learn more about your business or services? Do you want to advertise a new local product or service? Is it for advertisements like billboards, car decals, and vehicle wraps? Or, is it for channel letters on top of a store or office building?

Once you determine the answers to these questions, consider hiring a professional sign installation company in Tulsa, Oklahoma who will offer great customer support and affordable sign services for all clients. Professionals have the knowledge and ability to ensure that the sign is installed correctly, but will also help you determine what signage type is best for your budget and marketing goals.

What is our budget?

Next, make sure to think about your budget before hiring a sign company in Tulsa, OK . Some companies offer service rates by the square foot or for each letter that needs to be printed on the signs. If you have a tight budget for the job, it is best to opt for printing only one or two colors rather than four or five colors because this will save money. It is also best to decide if you want vinyl lettering or permanent letters that can last up to seven years before they need reapplied.

Who will be responsible for permits, insurance, and inspections?

Hiring a sign installation company in Tulsa, Oklahoma often means that they will be responsible for obtaining the proper permits, which can add to the cost of your job. Business owners should be aware of how much permits for signs cost in Tulsa or Broken Arrow so that they can deduct it from their budget.

In addition to obtaining permits, insurance is also important so that everyone involved is protected, especially if there are going to be workers on the roof working with signs. Also, inspections are crucial because they will allow you to know if your sign was installed correctly or not.

Do you want to install your own sign, or work with a professional sign installation company from Oklahoma who is already familiar with the codes and regulations? Typically, the best option is to get an experienced local sign installer in Tulsa who takes pride in their work and pays attention to detail on all jobs.

If you are hiring a sign company, check if they are registered with the state of Oklahoma, as well as the city or county in which they will be working in.

The Precision Team

Obviously, your job is to search all reviews that clients create throughout Google after they pay for a signage service. Check the records to see if the company responds to information left by the customer.

We have all the necessary solutions, equipment and industry knowledge to produce high quality interior signs and exterior signage, so when you’re ready, give us a call at our family owned shop location in Tulsa, OK and one of our office employees will be standing by.