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Learn More About Bass Boat Wraps

There are many ways to customize the appearance of your bass boat for the summer, but one of the more attractive and fun methods is through customizing a permanent boat wrap. Boat wraps are typically applied not only for cosmetic purposes but also as an industrial protection that can help protect a vessel from degradation by UV rays or harsh weather conditions. Boat wraps are generally less expensive than painting and provide a similar level of protection.

Types Of Bass Boat Wraps

There are two main types of bass boat wraps to consider: thermo-cut wrap and digitally printed wrap graphics. Each one has its own pros and cons, so it’s good to know a bit about each wrap type before deciding which one is right for you.

Thermo-Cut Vinyl Bass Boat Wrap Designs

Thermo-cut is typically considered the best type of bass boat wraps for teak boats. It provides an affordable way to cover small to medium amounts of the boats without the wrap interfering with the boat’s operation.


Thermo-cut is usually less expensive than painting, which can be a major cost factor for builders. They also won’t take up much room in the boat.

Durable Bass Boat Wraps

A thermo-cut vinyl wrap is a type of stretchy material that allows for easy installation and removal. It is also thick enough to inhibit UV degradation.The material itself is not affected by direct sunlight or rain, and will retain its color for years.

Easy To Remove

Because thermo-cut is a type of plastic, it can be applied to the boat’s body without the use of heat or chemicals. It just has to be peeled back when it’s time to remove it.

Difficult To Install

Thermo-cut vinyl requires more time and effort to apply than other types of wraps. It can also get damaged easily during application. Hard to remove – thermo-cut vinyl wraps are typically more difficult to remove than other types of wraps. This can be a major drawback if you want to reseal the hull later on.

Digitally-Printed Graphics For Pontoon Boats

The overall objective of a digitally-printed wrap is to make the boat look its best when viewed from afar. This is particularly good for boats that are looking to attract potential buyers. Digital printed bass boat wraps are similar to paintings in that they completely cover the boat. If your bass boat is in need of a new look, this option can completely transform its appearance. Unlike thermally cut vinyl, though, they require heat and chemicals to install.


Digital bass boat wrap designs can be enlarged, cropped and manipulated in a variety of ways to create whatever design is desired. The finished product looks more like an original painting than a vinyl wrap decal.

Easy To Install

You’ll have no problems installing digitally-printed graphics. You should also have an easy time making small adjustments if necessary. This makes it a great option if you plan on resealing the boat at some point in the future.

Better Visibility

Digital printing is generally better for visibility in sunlight than thermo-cut vinyl. This can be particularly helpful if you want to advertise the presence of the boat on a lake or in a marina.

Protection From UV Degradation

Digitally-printed wraps are more effective at inhibiting UV degradation than thermo-cut vinyl and can prove to be quite durable.

Harder To Remove

Digitally-printed graphics can be more difficult to remove. If you plan on resealing the hull at some point in the future, this can be a disadvantage. You’ll have to make sure the wrap is removed properly and without any damage to the boat. Higher cost – traditionally, these types of wraps are more expensive than thermo-cut vinyl.

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