stainlessSteelLaserCutReceptionAreaSignTulsa_atlasConstruction01 stainlessSteelLaserCutReceptionAreaSignTulsa_atlasConstruction02This custom wall logo for Atlas General Contractors is made from ¼” thick stainless steel with a #304 brush texture applied to the surface. This is the same brush texture that is used on a lot of higher end modern appliances. The backs of each piece have a stud welded to them. To install, a paper template is taped in place and holes are drilled for each stud mount. Then it is just a matter of applying some silicone adhesive and inserting each letter’s studs into the holes. The result is a very modern, clean sign that has no exposed fasteners.

These types of signs can be made from a variety of materials, thicknesses, and sizes. Give Precision Sign & Design a call today at 918-430-1102 to find out more.