McNellie’s South Tulsa Textured Surface Wall Mural

mcNelliesSouthWallMural mcNelliesSouthWallMural2A big part of a successful mural installation is setting realistic expectations with the client. We take photographs and detailed measurements then mock up the proposed sign/graphic/vehicle wrap to scale. This gets everyone on the same page from the beginning and gives our installers a clear set of instructions of how to complete the job in the field. 
This is a textured surface vinyl applied to a concrete wall at McNellie’s in South Tulsa. Once completed, it gives the appearance that it is actually painted on the wall.

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Tulsa Woody Guthrie Center Supremes Exhibit Graphics Display Cases

WoodyGuthrieCenter_SupremesExhibit_Interior1 WoodyGuthrieCenter_SupremesExhibit_Interior2Tulsa is extremely fortunate to have a top notch facility in the Woody Guthrie Center. Not only does it pay homage to one of Oklahoma’s brightest stars, it has regular, revolving exhibits that celebrate other well-known musicians and musical acts. The current exhibit is The Supremes and you owe it to yourself to go check it out. There are tons of interesting items there.

Precision Sign & Design handled a lot of the production and installation of the graphics on display there. Each display case has a background print that was applied to a thin sheet of PVC then mounted to the back interior wall of the cabinets. These help set the stage for the amazing stage costumes these iconic performers wore.

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Tulsa Gilcrease Museum Window Graphics

gilcrease_windowGraphics01 gilcrease_windowGraphics02Applying vinyl graphics to windows are a very cost effective way to advertise your business or a short term event. They can be done in either solid vinyl or perforated vinyl. Solid vinyl will produce a graphic that is sharper but will not allow you to see through it from the inside. Perforated vinyl graphics do not produce an image that is as sharp but have the advantage of allowing more light to pass through and from the inside you can see right through it – it looks just like tint from the inside.

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Victory Christian Fish Tank Wrap

victoryChristianFishTankWrap1 victoryChristianFishTankWrap2Is it possible to wrap a fish tank? Yes, yes it is! Vinyl wrap films will adhere to nearly any smooth non-porous surface. There are even wrap films that can be applied to concrete, brick or other textured surfaces. This vinyl wrap completely encompasses the top and bottom of the fish tank to create a unique entryway branding piece.

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Tulsa Woody Guthrie Center Stevie Ray Vaughan Exhibit Graphics

woodyGuthrieCenter_StevieRayVaughan_ExhibitWindows woodyGuthrieCenter_StevieRayVaughan_WindowsThese wraps for the new Woody Guthrie Center Stevie Ray Vaughan exhibit look great. Located in downtown Tulsa, there’s no missing these graphics.

The large exterior windows are 12 wide and 15 feet tall. We also wrapped the interior windows of the entrance to the exhibit.

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