Dale & Lee’s 2016 Chevy Silverado Cut Vinyl Graphics Package

daleLeesChevySilverado_cutVinylPackage daleLeesChevySilverado_cutVinylPackage2Four color cut vinyl graphics package for Dale & Lee’s Service Company.  These graphics are very simple but quickly communicate the key pieces of information that you want in vehicle graphics: who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. And since these are done in cut vinyl graphics, they can expect a 7 to 8 year lifespan out of the graphics making these simple cut packages a great advertising value.

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Spa Lux Tulsa Audi A7 Cut Vinyl Graphics Package

SpaLuxTulsa_AudiA7_CutVinylGraphics SpaLuxTulsa_AudiA7_CutVinylGraphics2Even though vehicle wraps have become more and more popular, cut vinyl graphics still have their place. They don’t offer as much creative freedom in the type of graphics you can use (no photographic elements for one) but they do offer one distinct advantage: they last longer. This is because of how the film is manufactured. Solid color graphic films have colored pigment all through the film. The color is actually embedded throughout the entire material whereas printed graphics embed the pigment in the top most layers of the film. This allows them to have a 7 to 8 year lifespan compared to a the 3-5 year lifespan of a printed film.

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Pop-A-Lock Tulsa Scion XB Partial Wrap

popAlock_tulsa_scionXB_partialWrap1 popAlock_tulsa_scionXB_partialWrap2Partial wraps are a great way to advertising your business without the added cost of a full wrap. Not only do wraps advertise your business but they also add an air of professionalism when your company representatives pull up to a job site. This may be especially important for Pop-A-Lock as they often work late at night and are going out to meet someone already in distress. With this partial vehicle wrap, there is no confusion on who it is that is pulling up to them.

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Jenks First Baptist Church Ford Transit Print & Cut Package

jenksFirstBaptistChurchTransitPrintCut1 jenksFirstBaptistChurchTransitPrintCut2Print and cut vinyl graphic packages are a great solution to create large, clean graphics on your organization’s vehicles. They don’t have as large a visual impact of a full or partial wrap but they offer more possibilities than traditional cut vinyl graphics. Cut vinyl graphics are typically just one or two colors and are only available in limited colors. Printed vinyl graphics can be produced in nearly any color and you can also add effects such as drop shadows, bevels, and gradients.

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Cheapest Auto Insurance Oklahoma Mazda 3 Partial Wrap

cheapestAutoInsurancePartialWrap1 cheapestAutoInsurancePartialWrap2Partial vehicle wraps and print & cut vinyl graphics packages give your business are a great, cost effective, advertising solution. You get a large graphic without the cost of wrapping the entire vehicle.

On this Mazda 3 for Cheapest Auto Insurance, we wrapped most of the sides of the vehicle and used yellow cut vinyl lettering on the front and rear. Give Precision Sign & Design a call today at 918-430-1102 to find out more about vinyl vehicle wraps and cut vinyl graphics packages.