Elliot Sonar Chiropractor Sign Face Replacement

EliotSonarChiropractor_SignFaceReplacement1 EliotSonarChiropractor_SignFaceReplacement2Channel letters and lighted sign cabinets are excellent long term sign solutions. Over time, though, UV radiation from the sun and exposure to high winds can take their toll on acrylic. Acrylic faces will eventually succumb to the weather and fade, crack, or break.  

At Precision Sign & Design, we can fabricate and install nearly any type of replacement sign face. Give us a call today at 918-430-1102 to get a free quote on replacement sign faces.


American Medical Non-Illuminated Metal Wall Signs

americanMedical1 americanMedical2Aluminum composite panels are a great solution for non-illuminated wall signs. They are very cost effective and will not warp, crack, or rust. They can have standard cut vinyl lettering or full color printed graphics applied to them and be installed on a variety of wall surface types.

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Tulsa 108 Contemporary Gallery Exhibit Graphics

108Contemporary_DoorGraphics 108Contemporary_wallGraphicArt galleries typically have exhibits that change regularly every month or so. We handle all the graphics for the various graphics at 108 Contemporary Gallery in downtown Tulsa across the street from Guthrie Green. These usually consist of window graphics and interior wall graphics.

Shown here are the front door window graphics and the wall graphic that can be seen behind the front counter.

Whether your graphics are only for short term use or need to last for several years, Precision Sign and Design has a solution for you. Give us a call today at 918-430-1102 to find out more.


Backlit Sign Replacement Panel and Tenant Panel

journeyBacklitPanel01 journeyTenantPanelMoving into a new location requires new signs for your business. Precision Sign & Design will survey, fabricate, and install new sign panels for just about any sign application. For the new Journey Church location, we replaced their wall mounted backlit sign panel and two non-illuminated monument sign panels.

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Tulsa Blue Dome District Lambrusco’z Deli Channel Letters

lambruzcos1 lambruzcos2Internally illuminated channel letters can be fabricated to nearly any size and shape. This sign for Lambrusco’z Deli includes a custom shaped lightbox in addition to the text. All the components are raceway mounted and then mounted to an existing steel rail that is suspended above the roofline of the building. The electrical leads are then fed via a flexible conduit to a weatherproof junction box.

Since channel letters are constructed primarily out of aluminum, acrylic, and LED lighting, they have an extremely long life span before requiring any maintenance.

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