Broken Arrow Be Love Yoga Studio Channel Letter Sign

beLove beLove2Channel letter signs are an excellent long term illuminated sign solution. They are constructed from aluminum, acrylic, and LED signs so they are built to last and they work for you 24 hours a day. Many commercial property owners require that these types of signs be mounted on a raceway. This is a rectangular box that all the letters and graphic elements are mounted to. Fabricating the sign this way reduces the number of holes that must be drilled into the exterior wall to mount the sign. This sign for Be Love Yoga Studio in Broken Arrow also makes use of an aluminum backing plate with surface mounted vinyl graphics. Backing plates provide an additional surface to mount taglines, phone numbers, etc without the cost of fabricating additional illuminated letters.

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Glenpool Game Stop Sign Service

gameStopSignGlenpool1 gameStopSignGlenpool2Sign service doesn’t always entail doing electrical work. We service many national brands who ship in vinyl graphics that we install on site. This was a vinyl installation for an existing set of backlit tenant panels.

Whether your signs’ lighting is out or you just need some vinyl installed, Precision Sign and Design can work on your sign. Give us a call today at 918-430-1102.


Tulsa Pearl District The Phoenix Brick Wall Wrap

pearlDistrict_PhoenixWallWrap_1 pearlDistrict_PhoenixWallWrap_23M’s textured surface vinyl is an incredibly versatile film. It can adhere to just about any wall surface. On smooth flat surfaces, vinyl is applied by simply using a squeegee to firmly press the film onto the substrate material. To apply textured surface vinyl on a surface such as this brick wall, the vinyl is heated to approximately 700 to 800 degrees and a firm foam roller is used to press the film into all the crevices of the surface. This sets the “memory” of the film to perfectly conform to the topography of the textured surface. The end result is an image that looks like it is painted on. In situations where the mortar has a deep recess, that portion of the vinyl is cut away and all the edges are sealed. This reduces the chances of moisture getting between the vinyl and the surface and, thus, increases the lifespan of the graphic.

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LED Retrofit Sign Installation

sign_installation_phillips66_1 sign_installation_phillips66_2LED technology has really changed the future of illuminated signs. Where neon and fluorescent signs use to dominate, LED has become the new standard. Not only is LED just as bright as the older lighting technologies, it operates at a much lower temperature and consumes far less power. They also have fewer issues that require maintenance. This means tremendous cost savings over the service life of the sign.

This project for Phillips 66 consisted of removing their existing fluorescent signage and replacing it with new LED signs. Precision handled all the removal, mounting, and wiring for the customer. We can install just about any type of sign regardless of type or installation location. Give Precision Sign & Design a call today to find out more about sign installation and service.


United Furniture Custom Shape Metal Wall Signs

UnitedMetalWallSign UnitedMetalWallSign2These metal wall signs were custom cut in shapes to create a very cost effective and eye catching sign package. And since they are made from aluminum, there is no concern about rusting or warping of the signs. Aluminum wall signs can be cut to nearly any shape that the artwork calls for.

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